COVID 19 Protocols and Information

Symptoms of Coronavirus

What to do?


Identify RISK factors:

- Exposure to any person that is positive for Covid 19 or has been told to quarantine due to their risk factors.

- Respiratory illness of fever , cough, and congestion as well as GI symptoms like diarrhea


If there are risk factors and you or your child have respiratory symptoms of fever or cough, please do not enter the clinic. We will plan a televisit and/or arrange a curbside office visit in your car. Please alert the office staff when you make the appointment that you have risk factors.

If your child has respiratory symptoms and there are NO RISK FACTORS, we will assess your child via telemedicine and/or via a curbside office visit in your personal vehicle and will assess if testing needs to be done. 


Well checks as well as non-sick visits will continue to be seen in the building, provided that a mask is worn by all in attendance.  All rooms will be thoroughly cleaned between patients as is usual protocol.