COVID 19 Protocols and Information

Symptoms of Coronavirus

What to do?

In light of the current health crisis with Covid 19, we will do our best to continue to serve our patients. Because we have limited supply of personal protective equipment due to shortages, to protect our patients and staff, we will need to enact the following protocols.


RISK factors:

1. Travel of any sort in the last 2-3 weeks.

2. Exposure to any person that is positive for Covid 19 or has been told to quarantine due to their risk factors.

3. Respiratory illness of fever or cough in an area where positive cases have been identified. (There are positive cases reported in Hays, Blanco , and Comal County.)


DS Pediatrics Office Protocol:

1. Lessen your risks: Do not have play dates, limit your visits outside the house to visits only to obtain essential items. Do not take your children out in public unless you have no other options to obtain essential items.

2. If you or your child have risk factors for Covid 19, shelter in place. Limit ALL social interaction.

3. If there are risk factors, such as travel or exposure to any positive Covid 19 positive person and either you or your child have respiratory symptoms of fever or cough, please do not enter the clinic. We will plan a televisit and/or arrange a curbside office visit in your car. Please alert the office staff when you make the appointment that you have risk factors.

4. If you or your child have severe trouble breathing along with risk factors with cough/ fever, we have been instructed to send you to the emergency room. The emergency rooms request that you call ahead to let them know that you have risk factors for Covid 19 and trouble breathing.

5.  If your child has respiratory symptoms and there are NO RISK FACTORS, we will assess your child via telemedicine and/or via a curbside office visit in your personal vehicle and will assess if testing needs to be done. 


We will utilize telemedicine whenever possible to lessen our patient and staff potential exposures.  We will do our best to schedule well checks only in the morning hours to also lessen exposure for our patients. 

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