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Well Check Services

Routine Well Checks:


2-5 days

10-14 days (newborn screen)

1 month

2 month (vaccines)

4 month (vaccines)

6 month (vaccines)

9 month 

12 month (vaccines and anemia screening)

15 month (vaccines)

18 month (vaccines)

24 month

30 month

36 month

4 year (vaccines)

5 year (anemia screening)

6-10 years  (annual visits recommended)

11 year (vaccines and lipid/ anemia screening)

12-15 years (annual visits recommended, sports physicals)

16 yr-18 years ( college vaccines and annual visits, sports physicals)

18-21 years (annual visits and transition to adult medicine)




  • Telemedicine - home appointments

  • Sick Visits

  • Sports Physicals 

    • recommended with annual well check​

  • Vaccinations

  • Flu Vaccine Clinics

  • In Office Blood Draws

  • Urinalysis

  • Rapid anemia screening

  • Rapid strep

  • Rapid mono

  • Rapid flu

  • Rapid RSV

  • Rapid COVID 19

  • Acute and Chronic Asthma Treatment and Education

  • Pulmonary Function Testing

  • Wart Cryotherapy

  • ADHD Evaluation

  • ADHD Follow-up and Treatment

  • Splinting

  • Minor Laceration Repair

  • LAB Services


We recommend routine vaccination as set by the Centers for Disease Control.


We do not recommend changing the schedule recommended by the CDC since these vaccines are tested to be given in combination with other vaccines.


Vaccines are thimerisol free.


We will perform evaluations and management of uncomplicated ADHD and ADD.


Each visit requires a initial or follow up Vanderbilt Form from both teachers and parents. 


Follow up is required every 1-3 months in the first year and then will space as tolerated.

ADHD and academic dysfunction

Asthma follow up visits are recommended every 4-6 months and more frequently if there are medication changes. Pulmonary function tests are recommended at least yearly for assessment of lung function.

Take the asthma control test today. Download the attached PDF and bring it it with you to your asthma follow-up.

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